Paintings, art prints & drawing

Passion, dedication and plain hard work are some strange bedfellows. But there is no other way to create.

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Design in print & web

Over 30 years experience in design, layout, packaging and advertising. I've learnt some skills. Let's talk.

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Website development

Design, development and optimisation of easy to use business websites is my thing. What's yours?

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Artwork, design & development

A short overview of what I do in painting, art prints, design and development. Click through to your area of interest via the links below or contact Craig today for more info.

Paintings & canvas art prints

View a range of work from over 40 years of art practice from early abstract pieces to pop inspired acrylic paintings. Some work is available for purchase, some in private collections and other strictly historical pieces.

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Designer art prints

Drawing from the writings of Duchamp and inspired by Pop Art these limited edition Giclee paper prints and canvas art prints are from the latest output and available for purchase from the Articonik Store. Bold and fun.

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Graphic design & layout

From logo design, signage, packaging, illustration, cartooning, drawing and online advertising to websites, social media and beyond - the challenges have been many and many skills have been honed in meeting them.

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Web development & hosting

The web has changed the way we work and none more so than the humble graphic artist, who by necessity is now artist, designer, SEO manager and developer. Being open to change and ever eager to learn has been helpful.

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Let's answer some questions

Are you available for commissions or custom art pieces?

The short answer here is yes - but each project has its own unique challenges so I would work with you in the early stages to ensure we have a solid brief and that final designs can be realised within that brief. In this way we ensure you, the client, are fully satisfied with the final artwork and that we nail the deadline within budget. If there are any aspects of the brief I cannot meet, I'll let you know in those early stages and work with you to accommodate your goals.

How do I purchase your art work?

Artwork is available for purchase online through my Articonik website, on my Saatchi Art listing and via direct negotiation. Just call or complete my enquiry form for more information.

Are you an established artist?

I've been creating art for over 40 years both as a professional designer and fine artist. I exhibit regularly and have pieces in numerous private and national collections including Artbank ( ). With the advent of the internet and the opportunities for visual artists therein I have focused on my online presence for the past decades including the website you're currently viewing and my Articonik website

Why do you also work as a designer?

Simply because it suits my creative personality and more importantly it (sometimes) pays the bills. Making your way in life as a fine artist is precarious at best and the rewards are seldom counted in dollar-terms but more in the riches of the soul. I've also mastered skills that would never have been possible without the crazy evolution of graphic design over the last decades. I have to admit to having some fun with it.

May I see some examples of your web development work?

Web design examples can be seen at my graphic design websites and . For more information please call direct on +612 8006 9630 or complete my contact form here.

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Striving to be the best in its field and supplying the finest quality canvas wall art to its valued customers. Unique - not only in the artwork created but also in the service it provides and the value it brings in terms of limited edition fine art prints, Giclee prints and canvas print art. MORE INFORMATION

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